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 Main Rules

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PostSubject: Main Rules   Sun Jun 20, 2010 10:39 am

Forum Rules

1. Try to reply and post in English.
2. Do not double post.
3. Do not make off-topic posts.
4. Please register with your main char name as account nick.

Main char :Kong
Alts: Ravage etc.

Forum account name: Kong

Otherwise you won't be admitted on this forum.

Thank you!

Guild Rules

It is your obligation and right to know these rules.

1. Minimum age to join our guild is 17.
2. Ranks are given regarding raiding activity, skills and behaviour.
3. Rude players are demoted or kicked .Do not insult any officer or other members or comment an officer's decision.
4. Anyone who attempts to trade accounts on global channel or insults other players will be kicked from the guild. (This rule is in conformity with the server rules.)
5. Ninjas are kicked immediately from the guild and from the raid.
6. Objection to any promote/demote or decision must be addressed to the Officers on the forum or via whisper.
7. Leaving the guild without a clear reason gets your name on the Black List, and your forum account banned.
8. If you have any questions regarding the ranks, loot distribution or raids schedule you must visit the forum first.(That's why we have a forum)
9. Try to speak in english on guild chat. Every information related to raids or anything about the game told in other language than english will result in a punishment.
10. Players with LAG or FPS (big)problems will be rejected from raids and from the guild.

Raiding Rules

1. Players who leave in the middle of the raid will lose DKP and be demoted.
2. Who doesn't respect the Tactics Explainer will be kicked and will lose DKP.
3. Who doesn't respect the raid leader's advices will be kicked and will lose DKP.
4. The 25 man raids are always made by a Staff Member.
5. Ninja or inattentive players will be demoted and will lose DKP.
6. Those who subscribed for a raid on forum have priority for a slot.
7. During a looting nobody talks!
8. Being afk during a fight means you forfeit the loot and the DKP Award.
9. All items are bidded or rolled. Warsong Clan doesn't give items for gold or other services and such offers will be punished.

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Main Rules

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